Become a spirulina superhero

Spirulina, an anti ageing active ingredient

Spirulina's under the spotlight... This fresh water algae has extraordinary body and skin-boosting properties! Here's a closer look at spirulina and its potent anti ageing promises.


Spirulina's composition

Spirulina is a plant meets aquatic bacteria. It's this dual composition that makes it stand out. It's packed with antioxidants including vitamins B, E and K, alongside minerals, trace elements, carotenoids, proteins and essential fatty acids. All of these nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. Indeed, the only nutrients it lacks are vitamin C, iodine and omega 3.

A super slimming aid

Spirulina contains more protein than fish or meat, meaning it quickly fills us up and curbs our appetite. Its amino acids include energy and soul-boosting tryptophan et phenylalanine. In other words, it helps us to slim down without feeling sluggish or suffering from hunger pangs.

A natural detox

Being a plant, spirulina contains huge amounts of chlorophyll. This helps our bodies to eliminate heavy metals and pesticides that cause fatigue, weight gain, depression and stomach problems. Toxic elements including lead, nickel and mercury are flushed from our system.

A turbo-charged energy-booster

Spirulina stimulates the immune system, which allows oxygen to better bond with our cells. This 'natural high' explains why athletes take it to up their performance levels and sick people find it helps them get back on their feet. New cells rapidly form in our blood stream to leave us feeling positive and full of peps. Spirulina's also iron-rich. The perfect supplement for women who suffer from heavy periods, vegetarians and sporty types.

An anti ageing superhero

Spirulina's high concentration of free radical-zapping molecules means it works wonders on the anti ageing front. It contains more beta-carotene that carrots and high levels of vitamin E, which protects our cell membranes, eyes and skin. Armed with so many benefits, spirulina's an ingredient to include in your diet and skincare routine! In a cream, as a supplement - this one's for keeps!

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