The benefits of salt water... at home

Benefits of salt water on skin

We've made the most of summer: days lazing on a beach, bathing in salty seas and stretching out on white sands. How can we keep it up once back home?


The benefits of salt water

At the beach: a 15-minute dip in the sea is enough to reap the benefits of salt water, which is naturally rich in trace elements and mineral salts - sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

At home: adding sea salt to your bath will help ease aches and pains. You can also blend it with essential oils to get a wonderfully softening body scrub. Plus you can always spray a solution on your hair for a sexy, windswept look!

The benefits of sand

At the beach: it's our feet that first feel sand's beneficial effects. Having spent all year squeezed into shoes, our feet love sand's natural exfoliating effect, while strolling along a beach boosts our circulation and tones up our legs.

At home: take some sand back home with you (or find a local garden centre) and give yourself a natural sand scrub. Grab a handful of sand, add a bit of water and massage your body, working from your feet upwards. You can also use it for a homemade manicure - lightly massage it onto your nails to make them look polished and white.

The benefits of seaweed

At the beach: seaweed is a super-rich source of minerals. Seaweed is not just packed with nutrients and minerals that nourish skin and stimulate its cells, it also boosts skin renewal. All you need to do is head out at low tide, slather on some seaweed and sit back to let it work for 15 minutes.

At home: invest in a seaweed-based body and face treatment so your skin benefits from its revitalising goodness. Plus it's great for getting hair into tip-top condition. Seaweed is also a wrinkle-buster, being rich in antioxidants that combat sagging skin.

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