I'm getting older and my skin's heading south...

How to combat saggy skin

With every passing year, our skin continues to sag. But don't panic. Here's our guide on how to keep youthfully plump features and supple skin! Just follow our gravity-defying tips.


In brief, saggy skin is caused by the slowing down of our bodily mechanisms. 

Getting older is a double-whammy. Firstly skin cell renewal slowly grinds to a snail's pace and, secondly, physiological changes raise their ugly heads. The main reasons for saggy skin is a gradual loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid.
Throw in lifestyle factors (UV rays, pollution, smoking etc.) and it's no wonder that we look pale and tired The result? Our skin becomes less supple, firm and plump.

Fancy a natural lift?

Dealing with saggy skin means pumping it full of firming active ingredients to ski lift it back to shape.
Welcome to collagen and elastin! The first is a fibrous protein, produced by skin cell fibroblasts that form an inner scaffold. The second, elastin, is also a protein, which keeps our skin dense and supple.
When combined they improve our skin's elasticity and leave it nice and firm. But with age and harmful external factors, our skin can no longer produce enough and their levels begin to decline...

A firm solution

Apply anti-ageing treatments designed to firm up and densify skin
Your best bet? Opt for treatments packed with ingredients such as Pro-Xylane, an ultra-firming whizz-kid. This skin-regenerating molecule is naturally sourced from xylose present in beech trees. It boosts glycosaminoglycan (GAG) production in both the dermis and epidermis, meaning it improves elasticity and tones up skin. A one way ticket to firm skin? Elasti-Flex, a formula that's able to reinforce elastin fibres and improve skin's elasticity. Leaving us with youthful, firm, supple skin!

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