Jojoba oil - oily skin's BFF

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Jojoba oil - oily skin's BFF

Jojoba is not only joyous to say (pronounced ho-ho-bar), but its oil is a beauty superstar, with a multitude of benefits, not least for oily skins. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder why you waited…


What is jojoba oil?

It’s a liquid wax derived from jojoba seeds, harvested from a shrub native to South America, as well as the Arizona and California deserts. Jojoba oil is widely available across the UK.

How does it help our skin?

Jojoba oil is not only great for oily skin, but also, paradoxically, for dry skin. Its composition resembles human sebum, which means it can regulate sebum production. If your skin is dry due to a lack of sebum, jojoba oil will fill the gap and, if your skin is oily due to accelerated sebum production, it will reduce and regulate this excess oil. It’s a miracle in a bottle!

The high vitamin E content of jojoba oil also makes it suitable for mature skin and it can help prevent the appearance of wrinkles by slowing down the skin’s ageing process. The regenerative action of jojoba oil also soothes chapped, sensitive and atopic skin, as well as treating imperfections and cleansing clogged pores. Suited to all skin types, it can be used as a cleanser or blended with essential oils such as sage, tea tree, rosemary and lavender, to increase a treatment’s beneficial effects. It can also be added to homemade face masks, scrubs and moisturisers. And you can gently massage it onto your body and, during summer, you’ll find that it will prolong your tan.

Use it on body and hair

You’ve got the gist...jojoba oil is nigh on a perfect ingredient. So why stop at your skin? Your hair wants in on the act. Regularly massage jojoba oil into your hair and it will protect your scalp, reduce oily dandruff, strengthen hair shafts and add shine. You can apply it to the entire length of your hair or concentrate on any dry, brittle ends, leaving it on for several minutes or even overnight. If you have dry hair you can add a couple of drops of geranium essential oil, or, if your hair’s oily, peppermint oil works a treat.

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