Recipe update! 3 beauty treatments for you to whizz up at home

DIY cosmetics: make your own beauty products

If there's one thing we love, its homemade beauty products. But variety is the spice of life and we're getting a bit bored of our sugar scrubs and yoghurt face masks... Time for fresh ideas, so it's out with the old and in with the new!


Homemade apricot kernel body oil

For a soothing, nourishing body oil - the perfect preemptive strike against autumn's chills - you'll need:
- 50ml apricot kernel oil
- 20ml of sweet almond oil
- 30ml sunflower oil
- 30 drops of tea tree oil
- 9 drops of vitamin E

Pour your brightening, rehydrating and revitalising apricot kernel oil into a bottle. Add the softening, nourishing sweet almond oil and soothing sunflower oil. Don't forget the vitamin E, a natural preservative and powerful antioxidant, alongside the tea tree oil, which restores skin's elasticity. And there you go!

Homemade rose anti-ageing lotion

For a homemade beauty product that combats the signs of ageing, you'll need:
- 48.8% of Rose de Mai hydrolat
- 45.5% of jasmine hydrolat
- 3% of active AHA - 0.2% of hyaluronic acid
- 1.4% of rose petal fragrance
- 0.6% of cosgard (a preservative)

After weighing each ingredient, mix the purfiying, refreshing rose hydrolat with the toning jasmine hydrolat. Add the powerful anti-ageing AHA and hyaluronic acid, for their ability to moisturise and even out skin tone. Finally add the fragrance and preservative. Pour into a spray bottle. And spritz away to your heart's content!

Repairing coconut hair serum

For a healthy, strong, shiny mane, you'll need:
- 15% of coconut oil
- 82.8% Brazil nut oil
- 2% of ylang-ylang essential oil
- 0.2% of vitamin E

After weighing the ingredients, start by melting the nourishing, revitalising coconut oil. Add the Brazil nut oil, to help repair any split ends and the ylang-ylang oil for a healthy shine. Finish by adding the antioxidant vitamin E. And look forward to luscious locks!

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