The best-kept skincare secrets of make-up artists

Make-up artists' reveal their skin secrets

How do you get model quality skin in real life? Easy: by knowing the professional make-up artists' skin preparation secrets.


Model behaviour

Here’s the big secret: models don’t all have amazing skin. In fact, make-up artists backstage at fashion shows and photoshoots say that having heavy make-up applied and scrubbed off their faces for weeks on end means models suffer from more skin complaints than most of us. Redness, sensitivity, dryness, blemishes: they get it all.
So how does their skin still look so good? The answer is pro know-how. Professional make-up artists know the only way to get a flawless make-up look is to start with skin preparation, creating the perfect blank canvas of beautiful skin. It’s bedlam behind the scenes at London Fashion Week and they have a big job trying to make jetlagged skin look fresh. But even with 30 girls to work on, they never scrimp on the prep.
London is the ultimate city for British eccentricity and experimental looks but let’s face it, even a slick of pillarbox red won’t look good on a background of blotchy skin. Whether it be smudgy and smoky, graphic lines or nearly-there nudes, a hydrated, even complexion is the first step to any make-up look.

The professionals' secrets for beautiful skin

Hydration : Hydration is the most important rule of them all. Drinking lots of water can wash through you quickly, so the key is to 'eat' your water through lots of juicy fruits and vegetables. It also means regularly applying thirst-quenching masks that deliver potent nutrients to the skin.
Spot check : Blemishes are often caused by blocked pores so a smooth-grain scrub or gentle fruit acid peel will lift off dirt and old skin cells, making your skin look clearer and much brighter.
Get even : Pigmentation is never on-trend, so invest in a treatment serum that fades dark patches by sinking down to the deepest level of the skin, treating the new cells coming through.
Cool down : Cold water mists are the quick fix to calm redness and soothe inflammed skin but if you have a bit more time, moisturisers containing cucumber, aloe vera and oat give a longer-term solution.

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