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The state of my skin

External elements, as well as lifestyle factors, play a huge part in our health and the condition of our skin. Winter, pollution, sun, stress, smoking, diet, pregnancy and the menopause effect our skin, usually to its detriment! This section is a closer look at the culprits and the solutions for minimising their harmful effects...

Taking care of your skin: post-sport beauty routine
How to calm flushed skin after a work-out
Sport keeps our bodies in good nick, but can leave us with a hot, red complexion. So, here are our tips to get back your cool...
Foods for great skin
Summer fruits and veg for flawless skin
It's not just lotions and potions that give us great skin. Food also plays a part when it comes to keeping our even-toned, well-moisturised glow. So dig your shopping list and add these beauty-boosting items for flawless skin!
What does 'natural ingredients' really mean in natural skincare products?
What does 'natural ingredients' really mean?
Going green is all the rage. Natural skincare products, plant-based ingredients, vegetable products, organic skin products... But can we trust treatments that flout such claims to fame? Here's a closer look...
The dangers of sunbeds: how can they harm my skin?
Sunbeds: the dark side of tanning
Summer's here along with slinky dresses and bronzed limbs. But how can we get a sun-kissed glow if the weather's pants? Easy! Nip down to your local tanning salon... But did you know about the harm that sunbeds can do to our skin?
The effects of sun on skin - how to protect your skin
The sun, our No1 frenemy
There's nothing nicer than basking under a hot sun and showing off gorgeous, bronzed limbs... But be warned, the sun's not as skin-friendly as you may think! UVA and UVB rays can wreak havoc with unprotected skin.
10 facts about the effects of the sun on skin
True vs False: 10 scorching facts about the sun
We all know that the sun harms our skin. The problem is we're all guilty of ignoring the guidelines. So time to brush up on the facts!
SPF skincare: how to prevent skin breakouts and spots
Think Wearing an SPF Leads to Spots? Think Again…
A simple three-step plan for protecting your face from the sun with SPF skincare – without getting any dreaded skin breakouts.
Skin care in pregnancy: how to avoid a pregnancy mask
Skin care in pregnancy: how to avoid a pregnancy mask
You've had the good news and are jumping for joy. But, you've also noticed dark patches appearing on your face... You're not alone - 70% of pregnant women find themselves developing a pregnancy mask. So how can you prevent it?
Sun-kissed skin: tan faster with smoothies
Whizz up some delicious, tan-boosting smoothies!
Smoothies are a tasty way to pump our bodies full of vitamins. What you may not know is that by blending certain ingredients, you can boost melanin production to tan faster!
The benefits of sunlight: 5 reasons to love the sun
5 reasons to love the sun!
The sun isn't all bad. Yes, we should protect ourselves from its rays, but a bit of sunshine can do us the world of good. So no need to be sun-phobic!
The beauty benefits of walking
Fancy a stroll?
Health experts are unanimous - walking's great for our bodies and souls! Practical, easy and free, going for a walk's one of the best, yet underestimated, sports that we can enjoy. So, dig out your trainers, stretch your legs and enjoy the benefits of walking!
Sun protection for skin: facial treatments that contain a sunscreen
Time to up our SPF game
Al fresco lunches, afternoon strolls, garden naps... The sun may not be as strong as it is during summer, but its rays can cause just as much damage to our skin. So, time to adapt our skincare routines and invest in a face cream with SPF!
Facial tan: the self-tanning tricks the beauty professionals use
Get the pro glow: how to apply facial tanners seamlessly
With the winter months now behind us, it’s time to take your self-tanning products out of hibernation and start introducing a subtle facial tan. Here’s how to get glowing without anyone knowing.
Factors that give you irritated skin
The top 10 skin-damaging culprits
Unsuitable creams, skincare treatments and cleansers can all harm the epidermis. And that's not all. External and lifestyle factors can do just as much damage! Here's a closer look at the worst offenders:
How to have perfect skin on a diet
Pre-summer challenge: Lose weight with a skin-friendly diet
Want to shed a few pounds and work on your complexion? Here's our guide on how to slim down and get your skin prepped for summer.
Prepare your skin for summer
Get your skin summer-ready
Summer's on its way - time to get our skin ready to bask in its rays!
5 anti ageing foods
Gorge your skin with these 5 age-busting foods!
What we eat slows down the clock. So here are 5 wrinkle-delaying anti ageing foods to include in your daily diet!
Yoga postures for glowing skin
Could yoga be the quickest way to glowing skin?
We’ve all probably invested hundreds (OK, maybe thousands) of pounds in skincare to obtain brighter skin. But as it turns out, the secret to glowing skin is yoga postures and they’re absolutely free.
Protection from the effects of pollution on skin
How to protect your skin from the harmful effects of pollution
Pollution is partly responsible for premature skin ageing! So here are some handy tips to protect your skin from its toxic effects.
Solving pregnancy skin problems
Top pregnancy skin care tips
So that these 9 months are not filled with little irritations, your beauty routine needs to adapt to your new condition… We look at the gentle products available to tackle pregnancy skin problems!
Anti-ageing tips: a guide to getting rid of wrinkles without Botox
Five tricks to soften the appearance of wrinkles – without Botox
With the days getting brighter after Britain's chilly winter, wrinkles can seem more pronounced. Step in this super-practical guide for anti-ageing tips on how to reduce their appearance, without having to resort to Botox.
Top 7 energy boosting foods
Energy boosting foods that whip us into shape!
Ever woken up exhausted, fallen asleep at your desk, collapsed on the sofa the moment you got home? No need to pop any pills, just pile your plate with these anti fatigue energy boosting foods and you'll be raring to go in no time at all!
5 energy boosting superfoods for skin during winter
5 superfoods to recharge your post-winter batteries
Winter's pants! The weather's lousy and our bodies hit rock bottom. But now that spring's on its way, it's time to treat ourselves to some energy boosting superfoods!
Time for some weight training to improve muscle tone!
Time to pump some weights!
Weight training may conjure up images of impossibly muscular body builders... Which is not at all the idea! It's simply about improving muscle tone with a dose of self-confidence thrown in for good measure.
Energy boosting foods for winter
Wondering why we crave steaming hot winter warmer food during the cold months?
Winter, with its cold, damp and temperature fluctuations... Our bodies bear the brunt and need extra energy to get through the day. Which is where our diet comes into play!
How to reduce fine lines and treat dehydrated skin
Wave Goodbye to Dehydration Wrinkles Like This…
Dehydrated skin is one of the key contributors to superficial wrinkles. Here’s how to tackle them through both through diet and skincare
The benefits of avocado: 10 reasons why we should eat them every day
An avocado a day keeps the doctor away!
Whether you like tucking into mounds of guacamole or prefer them 'au naturel', avocados are simply delish. The great news is that they're as good for our body and skin as they are for our taste buds!
How to get a good night's sleep
The art of getting a good night's sleep
The fact that we sleep for a third of our lives goes to show how important our shut-eye is. And yet so many of us wake up feeling drained. So how can we make sure that our bodies get the restful sleep they deserve?
Shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, therapeutic massages
The wonderful world of massage therapy
There's a lot more to massages than warming up a bit of oil or having a quick shoulder rub. Here's a closer look at some techniques that can do us (and our skin!) more than the world of good.
10 diet tips to slim down after winter
Diet tips: 10 ways to lose the winter flab!
Winter - cold, windy and damp. A time when we tend to pile on the calories and top up our reserves! So now that spring is not far off, it's time to think about how to slim down.
Beauty tips for keeping skin moisturised during winter
Help, it's winter and my skin's parched!
Tight, dry, blotchy... Winter's here and our skin is craving extra-loving care. Here are our beauty tips for keeping your skin moisturised and protected from winter's icy chill.
New Year resolution get fit for perfect skin
New Year's resolution time: 5 sports to help me get perfect skin
2017's here and I'm going to get in shape! You've said it, so now you've got to do it! To get perfect skin and bundles of energy, there's nothing better than regular exercise.
Why dermaplaning is the ultimate exfoliating beauty treatment for 2017
Dermaplaning: the beauty treatment we'll all be hooked on in 2017
We heard whisperings of it last year and a few Hollywood actresses confessed it was their go-to beauty treatment for flawless, camera-ready skin – but what exactly is dermaplaning and will it transform our exfoliating habits?
Tired skin: the top 6 natural boosters
Natural boosters for tired skin
Winter and its bugs have arrived: sore throats, colds, hacking coughs... Our immune system's being put to the test and our skin's in a mess - tired lines, dull complexion, dark circles and blotches have all settled in. Don't panic, it's not the end of the world! There are plenty of natural ways!
Post-Christmas detox for glowing skin
Time for a post-Christmas detox!
Bottles of bubbly, platefuls of turkey, Christmas pud and enough mince pies to fill a truck = ruddy skin, fatigue and a stomach that's about to pop... Kick off 2017 with detox to get your body back into action!
10 post-party beauty tips
10 post-party beauty tips!
Gallons of bubbly, party food and far too many chocolates... You've woken up to the Hangover from Hell and feel like the Walking Dead. Here are 10 beauty tips to kick your inner zombie to the curb.
The new anti-ageing ice treatments for brighter skin
The big chill: the newest beauty trend for brighter, younger skin
The new ice treatments that boot skin into overdrive to protect and regenerate itself are the latest anti-ageing craze for firmer, brighter skin.
The benefits of exercise for our skin
Why exercise is great for our skin!
We usually think of exercise as a way to let off steam, lose weight, help our heart and generally keep us in good nick. What we may not realise is that working out can keep our skin flawlessly young and firm. So the good news is that next time you pop on your trainers, you'll be helping your skin. One more reason to get moving!
The Christmas detox cure to stay slim over the holidays
The Christmas detox cure to stay slim over the holidays
A marathon of eating is on the horizon: turkey, gravy, potatoes, Christmas pudding, chocolate... But never fear, there's no need to go on a diet in advance or go hungry on the big day! Our Christmas detox will help your body to prepare for the holiday excesses.
Why anti-ageing essential oils are the perfect personalised skincare gift this Christmas
The gift of anti-aging could be the best present ever but how do you give personalised skincare without getting too, well, personal? The answer is essential oils.
30 years old: useful beauty tips
Beauty basics: what to do when you hit the Big 30...
You've reached 30 and before you lies an exciting, life-altering decade! We focus on our careers, we decide to start a family, we take out our first mortgage... But it's not just our lifestyle that's on the move: our skin also has its issues. Here are some anti ageing beauty tips to help you along the way!
foods that are good for your skin
Is there a 'good skin' diet?
As the saying goes, 'you are what you eat'. And that includes our skin. It's a well-known fact that certain foods can help us get the flawless complexion we crave, offering a good skin diet. And that you should eat the foods that are good for your skin to your heart's content!
cold skin
Newsflash! The Cold Can Be Good For Your Skin
Harnessing the chill factor has come to the fore of late in the beauty world. But why is everyone talking about cold skin, and how you can get the effect at home?
Skin care tips for 25 year olds: a dangerous time for our skin
Skin care tips for 25 year olds: a dangerous time for our skin
25... an age when anything goes! Sleepless nights, ciggies, booze, sun and junk food wreak havoc with our skin. To avoid dreaded wrinkles appearing before their time, we need to slow down a bit and follow these golden rules!
Boost your skin's hyaluronic acid levels with superfoods
5 superfoods to boost your skin's hyaluronic acid levels
From the age of 20, our skin gradually produces less hyaluronic acid. So it's important to eat foods that naturally contain it, if you want to keep your skin supple and hydrated. Here are the best ones to put on your shopping list!
Dehydrated skin and premature wrinkles? Time for an alcohol detox
Why alcohol could be making you look ten years older
Friday five o’clocktails, Saturday night Prosecco with the girls and that lazy bottle of red with Sunday's roast dinner – sounds like the perfect weekend, no? Not for your skin. Alcohol is the ultimate trigger for dehydration and premature wrinkles, so if you really want to look younger, it’s time to attempt a detox.
Anti pollution skin care products you need to fight back
SOS antipollution tips: how do I protect my skin?
With higher pollution levels than ever, our skin is being put to the test. Fine particles, dust, UV rays: all these aggressive factors are added to the free radicals we produce, which accelerate skin aging. Are there any anti pollution skin care products out there? We investigate.
Why wear sunscreen during autumn?
Why on earth should we wear sunscreen during autumn?
Autumn beauty tips: we're all guilty - only slather on a sunscreen when we hit the beach or decide to have a summer sunbathing session in the back garden. BIG mistake! Here's why you should wear sunscreen all year long.
Skin nutrition: the foods to eat for healthy skin
Skin nutrition: how to tailor your diet to improve your skin
Skin doesn’t like excess – it hates that extra glass of wine at the pub before you brave the chill, and it doesn’t much like an extra slice of cake, either. Skin nutrition doesn’t need to be tricky, though, if you know which foods to add in.
Beauty tips: sleep is essential for gorgeous skin
Optimise your beauty sleep to get glowing skin
Our night-time beauty tips to wake up with gorgeous skin.
the top 5 anti-adult acne foods
5 acne-busting foods
Skin loves a pampering beauty routine, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Here's a look at the best foods to treat adult acne...
Problem skin? How to stamp out blemishes and breakouts
Spot check: when good skin goes bad
You’ve survived your teens and navigated your tricky twenties so why in your thirties are you suddenly getting breakouts? Problem skin and blemishes can be a sign that you need to make some changes – and sharpish.
How seasonal changes affect our skin
How seasonal changes affect our skin
Like our bodies, our skin has to adapt to seasonal changes. To keep it in tip top shape, we need to understand its natural cycle and pamper it accordingly.
Oxidative stress: how to slow down skin ageing?
My fight against oxidative stress
To combat oxidative stress and free radicals, you need to fill up on antioxidants. We have all heard or read this somewhere, but without really understanding what it means. Time for an explanation…
The effects of HRT on skin ageing
HRT and my skin
Our skin starts to age well before the menopause, but boy does it speed it up when our bodies are no longer producing skin-loving oestrogen. HRT can help slow down the ageing process, keeping our skin looking more youthful for longer.
Benefits of salt water on skin
The benefits of salt water... at home
We've made the most of summer: days lazing on a beach, bathing in salty seas and stretching out on white sands. How can we keep it up once back home?
A brief history of sun tanning
A story of love and hate: a brief history of sun tanning
Coco Chanel started the craze and Brigitte Bardot made it sexy, but nowadays, rightly so, we're wary of tanning. Here’s a potted history of our love-hate relationship with tanning.
Boho beauty tips for summer music festivals
Fast fixes for festival beauty
You don’t have to be a hippy chick to love music festivals and with Latitude, Bestival and V Festival all ahead of us, it’s set to be a great summer. Brit girls know a thing or two about tent life and how important it is to look effortlessly boho until the very last act. But how do you look radiant and refreshed when you're five days into living under canvas with no mirror and a mile-long queue for a shower ? It's easier than you think, with these beauty tips insiders swear by.
Get glowing skin: use summertime to catch up on your beauty sleep
Snooze through summer for glowing beautiful skin
Summer's here and it's time to relax. The office is quieter and the holidays beckon... Use this downtime to catch up on your sleep and restore your glowing complexion!
Anti-ageing sun protection to beat summer skin damage
Be a beach baby!
Basking in the park when we finally get treated to the summer sun is something the English get pretty darn excited about but skin damage is something we'd definitely like to dodge. Here's how to get your vitamin D hit without prematurely ageing your skin
Skin care routine during pregnancy
Pregnancy: my skincare routine while waiting for baby
Those nine months of waiting are full of wonder and joy, but can also spring a few unpleasant surprises on your face and body. So while you concentrate on getting everything ready for your new arrival, spare some time to prepare yourself too, with our guide to the changes you can expect, and what you can do about them.
Jogging: 5 reasons to go for a run
5 reasons to pull on your running shorts
Summer’s upon us: the perfect time to give our bodies a wake-up call and get back into shape. Fancy going for a run? Come on, let us motivate you…
Summertime pleasures
Summertime pleasures to get you in the holiday mood
Yay! The sun has got his hat on and the mercury’s rising. The fine weather has returned and it’s the perfect time to…
Summer smoothie recipes
5 thirst-quenching summer smoothies!
They’re easy to make, full of healthy ingredients and do you the world of good. What’s not to like? Here are five light, fresh and nutritious smoothie recipes that will add a bit of colour to your summer.
Anti-ageing: 5 foods to preserve our youth
What if the key to staying young was about what we eat?
An anti-ageing diet is not a matter of wishful thinking. Though our diet can’t turn back the clock, it can be a powerful weapon against premature age spots or a dull complexion. Here are five foods to preserve a youthful look.
Summer's here and it's time to adapt my beauty regime
The ultimate summer beauty routine
The mercury’s rising, the days are drawing out and our holiday wardrobe is at the ready. But before we all head out into the sun, it’s a good idea to get a firm beauty regime in place to keep our skin happy in the hotter weather.
The effect of hormones on our skin
Hormones and your skin
We all love feeling good about ourselves, which is why hormonal skin changes can be a real nuisance. Throughout our lives, hormones affect our bodies and moods, as well as our skin. Here’s the lowdown on how they change as we age.
As spring bursts into bloom, it's time to soothe our skin
Allergies: how to soothe your skin when spring arrives
With the return of fine weather, trees and flowers burst into bloom and pollen fills the air. Spring is synonymous with allergic rhinitis, asthma and itchy skin. So how exactly can we keep it soothed?
How to correct dull skin and skin damage caused by pollution
Be a skin survivalist in the urban jungle
Pollution can cause skin damage and leave it looking dull – but the right skincare can go a long way toward protecting it.
How to deal with skin damage from pollution, sun and the environment
Everyday skin enemies : how to beat them
Combat the damaging environmental effects that are causing skin damage every day, such as pollution and our erratic spring weather.
The effects of smoking on my skin
The effects of tobacco on your skin
“I’ll quit tomorrow…” – a phrase frequently uttered by millions of smokers across the UK. Despite the numerous health risks associated with the habit, it also has a dramatic effect on the quality of your skin. Here are some things to think about before picking up your next cigarette.
I'm stressed and it's showing on my skin
Help! I have such stressed skin!
Long days, a hectic lifestyle, unexpected dramas... These are all factors that put us on edge. And our skin is one of the first places it shows.
How to spring clean your skin
Spring cleaning starts now! How to get fresh, clean skin
As we leave our winter stupor behind and before summer arrives, we need to revitalise our bodies. So say goodbye to grey, sallow complexions and scaly skin… It’s a new season and our beauty regime needs an update.
why does pollution damage my skin
How can I protect my skin from pollution?
Pollution doesn’t just harm our lungs, it also wreaks havoc with our skin. Its consequences are manifold – with dull complexions, premature ageing and uneven skintone to name a few. So why exactly does pollution damage my skin?
Keep your skin glowing whilst on a diet
How to get glowing skin while on a diet
Getting in shape and losing any excess pounds is a great idea. But not at the expense of a sallow, dull, sagging complexion. Slimming and maintaining firm, glowing, healthy skin can go hand in hand. Just follow our tips.
What's the best post workout beauty routine?
The perfect post workout beauty routine
So you're busy getting in shape, working out during your lunch break or at the end of the day. Here are our post workout tips to get you prepped after slogging it out in the gym (or elsewhere!)
Bad habits that cause ageing
The bad habits that are ageing your skin - and how to beat them
We’ve all woken up, looked in the mirror and wondered why we look older than our years... The answer: certain habits and lifestyle factors that age our skin. Here’s what to avoid for younger-looking skin.
Glowing skin: 5 ways to oxygenate my skin
Oxygenating skin: the key to getting the glow
A lack of oxygen in the skin manifests itself in a number of ways - dull complexion, lines caused by dehydration, tightness and loss of suppleness. Here are 5 ways to oxygenate yours to up the glow…
Get glowing skin after giving birth
The skincare routine you need in your life post-baby
While motherhood is a blissful time, not having a minute to spare can be stressful – especially if you were a beauty junkie before giving birth. Here’s a routine whittled down to its bare bones so that you can have more time with your baby, but still feel like you’ve treated yourself.
The best fruits for my skin
My fruit crush: juicy goodies for glowing skin
You eat five a day for your health, but what about your skin? Some fruits are brilliant for smoothing, moisturising and cleansing your complexion – which are your faves?
How to protect my skin from sea salt
SOS salty skin: how to save your skin from sea salt
A trip to the beach is great for mind and body, so grab a bikini and get a lungful of that fresh air. Just be sure to protect your skin from salty sea water.
Protect my skin from chlorine
Combat chlorine and swim without harming your skin
A few laps in the pool, water aerobics or aquabiking will help tone your wobbly bits. But chlorine is no good for the skin, so how can you prevent damage?
How to zap signs of tiredness using cosmetics when you're short on beauty sleep
Look bright eyed and bushy tailed after losing beauty sleep
Drawn features, a dull complexion, pale skin, dark circles... You're sleep-deprived and your skin's letting you know it! Don't worry if a lie-in's out of the question - just adapt a new evening beauty routine.
The right sun protection for face sunburn
Face care: step up your sun protection!
The holidays are here and with them come the risk of sunburn… The first sunny days are the most dangerous, so start thinking about sun protection and prepare your skin for the summer, with special measures to avoid face sunburn. Here's why.
Is safe tanning possible?
Holidays: the right sun protection for safe tanning
Spring has arrived and with it, longer days, rising temperatures and sun exposure. We all want to tan, to add some glow to our pasty legs and pale face. But is safe tanning possible? Can we look bronzed without damaging our skin?
Fight the flab without going under the knife
Fight the flab without going under the knife
No doubt about it - surgery sculpts our bodies, but everything comes with a price. Operations, anaesthetics, hospital stays, long recovery... Unless it's life or death, you may want to give the plastic surgery route a miss. So here are some scalpel-free alternatives!
Skincare for menopausal skin
Understanding menopausal skin
Menopause wreaks havoc with both our lives and our skin. Here's a closer look at this hormonal roller-coaster...
Healthy diets for baby soft skin
Eat your way to baby soft skin
We all want healthy, supple, baby soft skin. Our bathrooms are littered with skincare treatments designed to keep our faces youthfully plump. But what if our diet could provide a solution?
Foods to avoid to keep your perfect skin
5 foods to avoid if you want to keep your perfect skin
When we talk about a balanced diet, our minds are usually on our figure or general health. What we may not realise is the impact our diet has on the state of our skin. Blotches, irritations, acne, dull skin.... It's often our diet that's to blame!
Dull skin: the effects of pollution on your skin
Pollution is coming after your skin and you can tell
When up against pollution, your skin takes the hit and your face suffers. To urgently get rid of this dull skin appearance, giving the epidermis layer of your skin a boost with a good beauty routine