Best treatments and textures

Treatments and textures

Skincare products today are high-performing and effective. Face oils, serums, gels, micellar water... The textures used are increasingly refined, easy to apply and ensure that the skin is protected. The anti-ageing action and smooth textures found in these products are perfect for protecting, rejuvenating and brightening the skin on a daily basis.

A closer look at different sunscreens (creams, oils, mists)
Sunscreens: different textures for a sunburn-free summer
Summer's well and truly here! Lazing on beaches, soaking up the rays... To safely tan, we need to slather on the sunscreen, but the choice of creams, oils and mists can be overwhelming.
Five top tips for body scrubbing
Five top tips for scrubbing your body
We all know that body scrubbing leads to more glow, less cellulite and softer skin, but are you doing it right? Discover the best techniques for maximum impact from scrubbing your skin.
The benefits of beauty oil on skin
Why oils deserve our undivided attention!
Once upon a time skin oils were greasy, shiny, sticky, pore-clogging nightmares. The latest generation, however, is the stuff of dreams and we're loving every last drop!
Carrot oil for skin: achieve gorgeous, bronzed skin
Carrot oil for a healthy, bronzed glow
Packed with beta-carotene and vitamins, carrot oil is an undeniable beauty-booster. It's also a proven multi-tasker thanks to its protective, hydrating and wrinkle-zapping properties.
Face peels: 5 questions about cosmetic peeling
5 commonly-asked questions about face peels
Face peels are designed to speed up cell renewal in the epidermis. Here are 5 commonly-asked questions about this popular facial treatment.
Plant oils for skin: which is best?
Which plant oil's best for my skin?
Soft, cleansing and nourishing oils are the darlings of the skincare world - all we need to do is choose the right one for our skin!
Different textures to moisturise your skin
The wonderful world of moisturisers
Spring has sprung and we now re-jigging our beauty routines. Top of the list? Choosing from types of moisturisers! Here's a closer look at the latest generation of skin-pampering lotions and potions.
Night creams for perfect skin
Skin-pampering treatments that work whilst we sleep!
Night creams, eye contour treatments, hydrating masks... All sure-fire ways to baby-soft perfect skin.
Honey in beauty products: your skin's new best friend
Honey: your beauty best friend
We all know by now that eating a little high-quality honey every day has health benefits, but how about putting it on your skin? Here’s how to make honey part of your beauty arsenal.
My day cream: with or without UV protection?
My day cream: do I need UV protection?
Some skin care claims to provide sun protection. Whether anti UVA or anti UVB, these products include protection against UV rays in daylight. But is it effective? We investigate…
Anti ageing face masks
Slow down the clock with an anti ageing face mask
It's a face mask jungle out there... Here's a closer look at the anti ageing variety! A great way to get back your youthful glow in a matter of minutes. A clear, fresh complexion, ironed out wrinkles, plump features... What are we waiting for?
The benefits of face masks
The wonderful world of face masks
Who doesn't love a pampering face mask? Gels, sheets, creams, clays, peeling... they all work a treat and have become a beauty routine staple.
3 homemade aloe vera face mask recipes
3 aloe vera face mask recipes to whip up at home
Composed of more than 95% water, aloe vera is one powerful, skin-friendly plant! Soothing, hydrating, purifying, anti-ageing and protective, this fleshy cactus is perfect for homemade concoctions.
How to choose the best face mask for your skin type
How to choose the best face mask
Who doesn't love a face mask? Homemade or bought, these miracle workers pump our skin full of goodness. But choosing the right one is another matter...
How to use skin oils – including on oily skin
Oils: your complete guide
Mystified as to what skin oils do – and how to use them? Here’s your ultimate guide on how to apply them and make them work for your skin.
5 popular misconceptions about scrubs
5 misconceptions about scrubs
Scrubbing is essential for perfect skin. By getting rid of dead skin cells, our faces and bodies are left with a naturally healthy glow. We just need to sort the wheat from the chaff!
Why use a bi-phase cleanser?
Why bother with a bi-phase cleanser?
If you want to take off the most stubborn of makeup - waterproof included - then a bi-phase cleanser's the one to choose. Your sensitive and/or irritated skin will also love its caring touch!
Homemade scrubs for dry skin in winter
Winter special: homemade scrubs to soothe our dry skin
Sensitive skin quickly dries out during harsh, winter months. Cold, damp, temperature changes and central heating can harm dry skin, when all it craves is gentle, loving care.
3 textures designed for dry skin: oils, butters, balms
3 fabulous textures to ward off dry skin!
Tight, blotchy, dry... Our skin needs extra pampering during winter. Why? Because the cold, wind and damp damage our skin's protective barrier, causing it to dry out. So to keep leathery skin at bay, here are three lipid-rich, winter-busting textures...
Closer look at face lifting treatments
Looking saggy? Time for some needle-free, wrinkle-busting treatments
Jabs aren't the only way to plump up our features. So if you're after a gentle touch, you can opt for over-the-counter face lifting treatments!
Cleansing, hydrating, anti-ageing: beauty balm is the answer to almost every skincare problem
Make-up-melting beauty balms
You’ve read about them being the last word in cleansing and your friends rave that they’ve transformed their skincare regimes, so what’s putting you off giving them a whirl? Here’s everything you need to know.
Liquid care: ultra-moisturising treatments for perfect skin!
Liquid care vs classic moisturisers
We're all on the 'I Want Perfect Skin' quest. So do we go down the liquid care or classic cream route? Here's a closer look...
5 pampering homemade face masks
5 ultra-pampering homemade face masks!
Winter wreaks havoc with our skin. Cold, wet, windy weather = stinging, tight, blotchy, dry complexions. So get your mixing bowls to the ready and whip up one of our turbo-charged moisturising and nourishing homemade face mask recipes!
The best concealer for dark circles
How to choose the right concealer to banish dark circles
They're a one way ticket to looking sick and tired. Brown, bluey, violety... Welcome to the world of panda eyes. But don't panic! Dark circles can be zapped - just follow our simple guide to choosing and using the right concealer.
Cold cream, to soothe my dry skin during winter
Cold cream: my dry skin's soothing BFF
Dry, cracked, painful skin that turns red at the slightest change in temperature. A winter nightmare that needs protecting, nourishing, moisturising, softening and soothing. And the magic wand in a pot is? Cold cream mixed with a few useful tips!
Choose the best cleanser for your skin type.
How to choose the best cleanser for your skin type
Cleansing is an essential, non-negotiable part of any daily beauty routine. So choosing the right cleanser is key to keeping your skin flawless and glowing. Here are our tips for choosing the right one!
night time face oils, the perfect texture for skin
Night time face oils, sweet dreams in a bottle…
Face oils that work overnight are taking evening beauty routines by storm. A sure-fire way to waking up to a baby soft, peachy complexion. Here's why we're stocking up...
A closer look at facial oil serum
How to use facial oil serum, your new BFF!
Serums have invaded our bathrooms for a while now, much to the delight of our skin! And we're loving the oil version... Here's why!
How to treat itchy skin
Help, my skin's itching me to death!
Your skin feels tight, dry and is itching like crazy... It may not be serious but it's really annoying, particularly when it stops us from getting our beauty sleep. Here's a closer look at this benign yet infuriating problem.
Cleansing oils for all skin types
3 reasons why cleansing oils are worth their weight in gold
Too greasy? Doesn't do the job? Cleansing oils have a hard time... They don't at all deserve a bad reputation, as they're one of the best products on the market when it comes to getting rid of stubborn make up and general grime. Here are 3 reasons why you should stock up on these 5-star cleansers.
Face oil for a glowing complexion
Face oil: a scrumptious texture for a radiant glow
A nourishing, brightening skincare essential, face oils work wonders thanks to their heavenly texture. Are you ready to give them a whirl?
The benefits of shower oils
Shower oils, what's the big deal?
Britain's bathrooms are crammed full of them, particularly during winter when our skin feels parched. Them? Shower oils, the key to blissful showers!
Firming facial treatments to deal with a loss of volume
Face heading south? Time for a firming plan of action!
Wrinkles affect us all, but once past the Big 40 no one can escape the effects of gravity. We know how well anti-wrinkle creams work, but dealing with sagging skin and loss of volume is another kettle of fish. Which is where the latest generation of firming creams come into play!
Why you need a serum for anti-ageing and uneven skin tone
What’s so great about serums anyway?
Militant about your moisturiser? Fanatical about your facial oils? Now, what about serums? (Silence.) Turns out, most of us have no idea why we need them so badly.
A closer look at the blur effect
Photo filters in a pot? Welcome to the blur effect!
Disguise imperfections, even out skin tone, fill wrinkles and smoothe skin in one swift stroke? It's the latest selfie-enhancing trend that's taking the beauty world by storm: the blur effect !
Face oil for glowing skin
Face oil: a pampering product for glowing skin
Well-nourished, radiant, glowing skin... Welcome to the sensual world of face oils. Ready to give them a try?
Facial cleansers: which texture for which skin type?
Facial cleansers: choose a texture to suit your skin type
Cleansing is THE key to flawless skin: it's essential in our quest to keep our skin glowing, youthful and healthy. But we need to know which one is best for our skin type...
The benefits of thermal water
Why use thermal water in your beauty regime?
Thermal water benefits from its own list of active ingredients that skin loves to soak up. Yet many of us are unaware of its magical properties. So, what's the deal with thermal springs?
The benefits of toners
Why should I use toners?
You don't really know what they are and yet they're an essential part of any beauty regime: here's a closer look at toners.
The benefits of face oil for greasy skin
Oils to fight greasy skin: the facts
We've heard that face oils work wonders, but what about those of us with oily skin? Well, you'll be delighted to know that they're excellent blemish-busters! Here's why...
How to get cleansing skin right and how to use an acid toner
The cleansing switch-up: how to update your routine for autumn
We’ve all been there: it’s late at night, you’ve just got back from a full day at a barbecue or wedding and you drag a wipe over your face before you hit the sack. But proper skin cleansing will make all the difference to how your skin behaves.
Make face serum part of your skin care routine
Face serum: the magic potion to add to your skin care routine
This ultra-concentrated elixir – face serum – is one of our main tips for beautiful skin. It helps the skin to regenerate, thus reinforcing the action of your moisturiser and increasing the effectiveness of your skin care routine. Don't leave it out of your skin regime... And here's why.
micellar water: the gentlest of cleansers
Micellar water, the gentlest of cleansers
Micellar water wins the gold medal when it comes to deep cleansing. It’s touted by make-up professionals and prescribed by numerous dermotologists and is a celeb and top-model favourite. Here are four facts about this skincare must-have.
A guide to the best face cream and moisturiser for summer
Move over serum, moisturiser is back
Once shunned for serum, the moisturiser is fighting its way back on to Britain's shelves, gaining legions of fans again for their soothing, emollient abilities. But which to pick?
Skin peel, face mask, scrub: what does my skin need?
Skin peels, face masks, scrubs: what does my skin really need?
Face masks, scrubs and skin peels... All three can help us in our quest for flawless skin, yet each one is designed to meet a specific need. So which one do you fancy trying out tonight?
how to use an after sun
How to use an after-sun
Every time we soak up the rays, it's essential we pamper our faces, bodies and hair once we're home from the beach. Repair, hydrate and soothe are the key words. And here's how.
Thermal, micellar and floral water: the A-Z
Time to take the thermal-water plunge
Thermal, floral, micellar, cleansing waters. It's a watery minefield! Since each has a specific role and responds to specific needs, here's a useful round-up.
A closer look at 2 in 1 skincare treatments!
2 in 1 skincare treatments: face-saving heroes or best in the bin?
We're always on the lookout for new treatments that suit our needs, are quick to use and give great results. So no wonder we're tempted by products that promise 2 in 1 solutions. Here's closer look at these skin-friendly multi-taskers.
Get flawless skin with a facial peeling gel
Get flawless skin with a facial peeling gel
Meet THE new kid on the block - the water-pack peeling gel. A hybrid skincare treatment that gets rid of pigment spots and ensures a flawless, glowing skin.
10 mistakes to avoid when using a sunscreen!
10 mistakes to avoid when applying sunscreen
We all know that applying sunscreen is the best way to protect us from the UV rays that age our skin. But there’s more to applying your SPF than you might think. Recognise any of these classic mistakes?
Cleansing foam for squeaky clean, fresh skin
Foaming cleansing water for squeaky clean fresh skin
Looking for a product that'll leave your skin as clean as a whistle? Fancy something soft and fresh? Time to invest in a foaming cleansing water.
Lotion, the best friend of oily skin in summer
Oily skin: you need to reapply a little lotion?
It’s summer, and you’ve made the most of every minute: from the beach, to the park to the pub garden. The only blot on your horizon? Your forehead shining like a beacon all day and all night. Time to blitz your oily skin and shake off the shine for good.
Yes, sun oil can protect as well as cream!
Yes, sun oil can protect as well as cream!
Sun oil is making a comeback. This ultra-glamorous beauty product can now guarantee high-level sun protection.
How to rectify self tanning mistakes
The patchy effect of self-tanning: How do you rectify these mistakes?
Sunny days have arrived: skirts are shorter, legs are on show...and our skin is the colour of an aspirin! The solution? Self-tanning, of course. But how do you make sure you’re golden and gorgeous and not an orange, streaky mess? Just read our top tips for self-tanning success.
The different face masks for cleansing the skin
Cloth, patch, gel, powder: we fall on our masks!
Purifiers, hydrators, cleansing, nourishing… face masks offer a bewildering array of beauty benefits. Feeling baffled by the choice? Don’t worry, here’s how you can find the right product to get an Insta-worthy complexion.
Choose the right scrub for your skin type
Choose the right scrub for your skin!
There's nothing better than a scrub to clean our skin and give it a healthy glow. But it's important to choose one that's suited to our skin type.
Face Mask: preparing the skin for application
Helpful hints: Prepare the skin before applying a mask...
Face masks should be an essential part of your beauty regime. They can cleanse, purify or hydrate the skin deeply, and they offer, once a week, a moment of total relaxation. But to make the most of the treatment, you must prepare your skin properly. Here’s how…
waterproof makeup remover, perfect for holidays
Waterproof makeup remover - a holiday essential!
Makeup removers and cleansers are beauty basics when it comes to packing our bags. But this summer, why not go for a waterproof version?
Remove makeup fast with cleansing wipes
Rushed off your feet? Time to invest in cleansing wipes!
Long days, short nights, on the road... We're all guilty of finding excuses to avoid our daily cleanse! An unforgiveable beauty no-no, seeing that cleansing wipes are readily available. Here's why every busy woman should stock up on these beauty must-haves.
Benefits of caffeine for dark circles under the eyes
Woken up to dark circles? Time for a caffeine kick!
Caffeine... It doesn't just get us going in the morning, but also zaps dark circles. It's an anti-fatigue active ingredient and dark circle buster.
How to use a BB Cream
BB creams: a guide to getting a flawless complexion
Blemish balms, or BB creams to you, have become a staple part of our beauty regimes and currently grace any self-respecting bathroom cabinet. We’re talking more than just a simple cosmetic product here; these nigh-on miraculous creams are a clever blend of make-up and skincare tech.
A texture for any season
Choose the right skincare texture for each season
Serum, oil, cream, lotion, balm... sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. As our needs and desires change with the seasons, so must our choice of skincare products.
A closer look at skin peels
Exfoliation: everything you need to know
Removing the top layer of your skin has huge benefits from upping its glow to reducing congestion. Here’s how to get it right:
Cushion creams: the latest facial moisturisers
Cushion creams, Asia's latest game changer
They're here! The latest product to take the cosmetic world by storm has hit the shelves. Which is great news for us!
The next generation of face oils
Face oils - ready to convert?
Parched bodies and manes love the comfort of oils. The great news is that nourishing, protecting and unifying face oils have now taken centre stage! Here's a closer look at these innovative, complexion-boosting treatments!
True-false about micellar water
Micellar water: everything you need to know
Celebrities, models, make-up experts and dermatologists have all been raving about it… Yes, over the last few years, micellar water has become the new cult cleanser.
Face oil: who should use it?
Face oil: The lowdown
Oils have always been a favourite when it comes to moisturising scaly legs and nourishing dry hair. But now it’s time for your face to reap the benefits of these soothing and nourishing properties too…
how to choose the right body cream
Body cream – what’s the best one for me?
We are told that hydration is the key to beautiful skin. But in the jungle of different moisturising treatments – creams, lotions, oils and balms – which one is the best one for you?
Use cold cream on dry skin, even during summer
Cold cream: dry skin's best friend!
With its creamy, comforting texture, cold cream is the ideal treat for dry skins. And it’s not just for winter… cold cream makes a great summer skincare product too!
Body scrubs
Body Scrubs, Decoded
Although body scrubbing is beneficial all year round, it’s particularly important during the summer months. Here’s how to get it right:
Whici type of Face Mask to choose ?
Choosing the right face mask for you
A mask is essential to any good skincare routine, but with such a huge range on the shelves today, we often don’t know which one to pick. Let us help you choose…
Body abd face scrubs
Get scrubbed up for summer!
To get rid of scaly winter skin and prepare your body for sunbathing or simply to pamper yourself, scrubs are an essential way to get ready for summer.
BB Cream: for who, for what?
Everything you need to know about BB Cream
For the past few years, blemish balm cream – or BB cream, as it’s more commonly known – has been a staple in our make-up bags. Let us explain why…
How to apply a fake tan
Fake Tan: How to apply it for the perfect hue
Whatever the weather, baring your skin feels better if you have a tan. You don’t need to accrue any damage from the sun, though – just fake it. Here’s how:
A serum for each skin type
Serum guide: which will work for you?
Serums have quickly gained popularity in the skincare world as they are lightweight but can deliver potent active ingredients deep into the skin. But which one should you go for? See our guide below for some tips…
Sunscreen: choose the right texture
Sunscreens, Decoded
Lotions, oils, sprays, mists, gels... We get it, the choice is overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know before choosing the right sun protection for you.
Face scrubs: the facts
Here’s everything you need to know about face scrubs
A little scrub is the quickest and easiest way to get smooth, clear glowing skin – provided you do it right. Here’s the lowdown…
The benefits of hyaluronic acid cream
Everything you need to know about plumping and revolumising creams!
There's no better plumping beauty booster in existence. Here are the three age-busting benefits of plumping and revolumising hyaluronic acid creams.
The benefits of micellar water as a gentle cleansing lotion
Micellar water, the baby soft Queen of Cleansers
Quick and easy, micellar water cleanses skin with loving care. Here's a closer look at this beauty must-have.
Beauty routine: which serum should I choose for my skin?
A serum to suit my skin
They're everywhere... In chemists, shops, salons, online... Er, what exactly? Serums of course! And here's why they've taken the beauty world by storm...
All you need to know about self tanning
Myth busting: fake tan
Holidays are on the horizon, wedding season is upon us, clothes are getting shorter... Yes, it's time to think about dealing with those pale arms and legs. The remedy to the pasty look? Self tanning!
3 in 1 cleansers have hit the shelves!
3 in 1 cleansers to give your skin a fresh start!
We don't want to drone on, but cleansing really is the sure-way way to a flawless complexion. A morning and nightly cleanse with suitable products is an essential part of your beauty routine if you want great skin.
Cleansing balm, the new way to remove your make-up and get beautiful skin
Balms, the new cleansing craze for beautiful skin
We can't stress enough that daily cleansing should be the first step in any woman’s beauty routine. We’ve seen milks, oils, mousses, micellar waters but now it’s time to focus on the product of the moment: the cleansing balm.
An oil-based cleanser for perfect skin
Oil-based cleansers - a new texture on the block!
Cleansing is an art in itself: this new texture takes it to another level. Oil-based cleansing lotions are multi-taskers when it comes to pampering our skin.
Face peels: the key to renewing your skin
Face peels: the key to renewing your skin
Skin peels offer a lot of promises: more radiant skin, reduction of dark spots, a smoother, energised face… But what do they really do? Can a face peel really renew your complexion? Here's the answer, in 3 parts.
Blurring products for smooth skin and a perfect complexion
Bluff your way to beautiful smooth skin using the blurring effect
Our dreams are coming true. A texture that doesn’t give you a mental breakdown when you wake up in the morning with a greyish complexion and look cranky.
The beauty benefits of face masks
Ready to join the face mask craze?
Face masks are back, with gorgeous new textures that sort out and deeply treat our skin. But it's a jungle out there, so how can we choose the right one? Easy, just read on...
Add transforming texture products to your skin care routine
Skin care trends: we are melting for transforming texture skin care
Beauty giants never stop surprising and delighting us with astonishing skin care trends. Their latest innovation is skin care with new textures that combine sensory appeal and effectiveness. We take a look at the new trend that is making us melt.