What’s so great about serums anyway?

Why you need a serum for anti-ageing and uneven skin tone

Militant about your moisturiser? Fanatical about your facial oils? Now, what about serums? (Silence.) Turns out, most of us have no idea why we need them so badly.


Let’s be honest, walk down your local high street and ask 100 women what a serum is and you’re likely to get a few blank looks. Serums have been a huge part of the beauty scene for a decade now, but we still seem to struggle with what exactly it is that they do and if they’re worth the pay cheque allocation. The short answer is heck yes! They’re anti-ageing powerhouses that treat all manner of issues, from uneven skin to pigmentation and dullness.

Why your skin needs a serum

Serum is essential to any good skincare regime because, whereas a moisturiser deals with the top layer of skin at the surface level, serums get to grips with the deep stuff. Serums are ultra light and bioavailable, meaning they’re so compatible with our own skin cells that they can get in among them and work in harmony. They get down to the deepest layers of skin where the new cells are forming. Why is this important? Well, if you can affect change right from the beginning of a cell's life cycle, you can get them behaving brilliantly from the start. Serum puts the hard work in when cells are babies so that they behave well as adults – like Supernanny for the skin, if you like!

Are serums worth the money?

It’s for this very reason that serums are jam-packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients to combat uneven skin and anti-ageing at the core. These high-quality formulas are why serum often comes with a hefty price tag, when moisturisers are a fraction of the cost. You still need your moisturiser for good barrier protection and surface hydration, but think of it like this: your serum is like your magic support knickers that shape and sculpt you in all the right places so you could even wear a onesie and still look smoking. Put like that, we don’t know how we’d live without them.

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