10 beauty routine essentials

10 beauty essentials

Is your bathroom heaving with beauty products? Not sure what to ditch? Here's our list of 10 must-keep, skin-loving beauty essentials.


#1 A daytime moisturiser

Fact: well-nourished, moisturised skin stays younger for longer! So keep or treat yourself to a moisturiser suited to your skin's needs - brightening, mattifying, balancing, anti-fatigue, anti-red patches. If your skin easily flares up, go for a moisturiser designed for sensitive skin. If you're a fan of 2-in-1 products, invest in a BB cream, to nourish your skin and even out your complexion. 

#2 An ultra-gentle cleanser

Cleansing is a non-negotiable, flawless skin golden rule. Never hit the sack without cleansing, even if you've crawled in at silly o'clock, are too tired to care or are make up-free. Cleanse twice a day - in the morning to remove toxins that have built up overnight and in the evening to get rid of make up, pollution, smoke and grime. Opt for a texture that suits your skin - milk, micellar water, oil or a cleansing cream.

#3 A perfecting night cream

We need to up the moisturising ante at night. Night creams are the midnight munchies that nourish our skin to perfection! Why? Because our skin regenerates at night, making it the perfect time to gorge it with goodness: anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, plumping... You'll help your epidermis to repair itself - just don't forget your neck! 

#4 A face and body scrub

Scrubbing removes dead cells, keeps tans looking fresh, evens out skin tone, diminishes red patches and gets skin ready for hair removal. Use a gentle scrub on your body and, working up from your heels, apply it using circular movements. Face-wise, go for a fine grain scrub that won't harm your epidermis. The result? Baby-soft skin!

#5 An eye contour treatment

Eye contour treatments are not just for women over 40! From our mid-twenties onwards, this ultra-fragile zone begins to age, even if it only means a handful of fine lines. The solution? Moisturising! Once a day - preferably at night - apply an eye contour treatment to hydrate your skin. By massaging it on, you'll also prevent unsightly bags from forming overnight.

#6 A body moisturiser

Apply a nourishing cream after your bath or shower to counteract the harmful effects of harsh tap water. Go for a moisturiser that suits your skin type - balms for dry skin, dry oils for normal skin, soothing lotions for sensitive skin. During summer, try a mother of pearl-based oil to shimmer up your bronzed limbs!

#7 A hand cream

Our hands have few sebaceous glands - they easily dry out and itch or become red and chapped. Unlike our faces, our mitts have a hard time hydrating themselves, meaning they quickly dehydrate and age. So offer them softening, comforting care by applying a nourishing hand cream before bed and after washing your hands. Even better, keep a travel size tube along with an antibacterial gel in your bag! 

#8 A lip balm

As with our hands, we often neglect our pouts. And yet our lips are one of the most sensitive, fragile parts of the body. To protect and repair your lips, apply a nourishing balm as and when your lips feel dry and before going to bed.

#9 An emollient bath or shower gel

Tap water dries out skin, so a preemptive bathtime strike is best. Emollient shower gels protect the hydrolipidic film, meaning they get us clean and moisturise our epidermis in one fell swoop.

#10 A gentle shampoo

To keep your fragile scalp in check, use a frequent use shampoo. Its softening ingredients will gently clean and polish up your mane!

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