Cleansing Sticks: The Newest Beauty Trend To Obsess Over

Cleansing Sticks: Spring's Newest Beauty Trend

It’s been a while since we’ve been this excited about a skincare innovation but get ready to be seriously pumped about washing your face, with the introduction of cleansing sticks.


The latest beauty trend imported from those Far East beauty mavens who brought us sheet masks and essences have all the benefits of a foaming face wash but in the form of a solid cleanser. How does that even work, you ask?

Well, remember those ancient things called soaps we all used to rely on but that now only reside in a slimy shell-shaped dish in your grandma’s avocado-coloured bathroom? In a roundabout way, they’re making a comeback. All the skin-boosting benefits of a liquid cleanser but the usability of a soap – now there’s a beauty trend we can get on board with.


So far, forward-thinking beauty companies have launched solid cleansers mainly in the US but we predict there’ll be a whole load more coming to our shores by the end of the summer, so consider yourself well ahead of the beauty curve. Boasting natural oils, exfoliating fruit enzymes and even perfecting pearl extracts for glowing skin, cleansing sticks are a cleanser and exfoliator in one that shift the dirt, remove the day’s stubborn residual make-up, get down and deep with pores (and some may even help with acne).

First wet your face with warm water, then twist up the solid cleanser in the tube and rub it in circular motions all over your face. It will instantly foam up. Use the stick as a massage tool all over your face and then rinse off. Simple as.


The best thing about cleansing sticks, though, must be how nifty and neat they are, making them perfect for travel (hello summer hols!) and of course, festivals. Now that we’ve hit peak FOMO swiping through all the sickeningly cool Coachella pictures on Instagram, it’s finally our turn and the mud-fest that is British festival season may begin. Hurrah!

A bottle of water and a trusty cleansing stick and you’ve got yourself clean, pepped-up skin, from opening act to the long trudge home. Time to wrestle the old backpack out of the attic and start working out how to fit in your other skincare, wellies, an array of tasseled items, sequins and outrageous headdresses. Good luck!