Five top tips for scrubbing your body

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Five top tips for body scrubbing

We all know that body scrubbing leads to more glow, less cellulite and softer skin, but are you doing it right? Discover the best techniques for maximum impact from scrubbing your skin;


The benefits of body scrubbing are manifold – and speedy. Just one session, and you’ll notice your skin looks infused with colour and that dead skin is whipped away. At this time of year, it’s an especially good beauty step to add to your routine, making it much easier to bare legs and arms at that summer BBQ as it wiil help to firm, unify the skin tone, and get rid of bumps and soften skin.
But are you doing it right? Here are some tips to guide you when body scrubbing.

#1 Mix your own scrub for a bespoke blend

While most body scrubs are sugar, salt or coffee-based and therefore lend themselves to being mixed in the kitchen, you have to consider your ingredients carefully. Coffee helps to activate circulation, so use that if cellulite is your nemesis. Salt will purify, so grab that if you suffer from body acne. Sugar is a humectant, so should be your go-to if your skin is dry.

#2 Start on the outside and work your way in

The idea when body scrubbing is to push blood towards to heart and stimulate lymph drainage. An easy way is to start at your ankles and work your way up, making sure you circle your legs. Next, do the same on arms. Massage your stomach and back in circles.

#3 Use a brush instead of a scrub

If you’re after an inexpensive option, try a body brush, which should last you at least six months (you’ll know if you need to buy a new one if the bristles start to stick out at odd angles). Use on dry skin, pre-shower, brushing in little circles towards your heart.

#4 Do it daily

This can be daunting – as Brits, our skin tends to be slightly thinner thanks to island weather, and scrubbing at it can be scary. But keep the ‘often and gently’ mantra in mind and you’ll find your skin loves it.

#5 Focus on knees and elbows

That said, there are naturally areas that’ll be tougher and need more attention. These are usually the knees, elbows and thighs, so spend a little extra time on them. Listen to a good podcast such as Woman’s Hour to make double use of your time as you scrub.