How to calm flushed skin after a work-out

Taking care of your skin: post-sport beauty routine

Sport keeps our bodies in good nick, but can leave us with a hot, red complexion. So, here are our tips to get back your cool...


Sweating, heat or even germs on gym equipment can cause spotty outbreaks, red patches or dry skin. So taking care of your skin during and after a work-out is important.

During a work-out

Physical activity raises our body temperature, dilates our blood vessels and increases our heartbeat. To stop ourselves from overheating, our bodies sweat and our skin reddens.

# Refresh yourself: to avoid flushed skin, try to keep your body temperature down. Invest in a mist so that you can spritz your face whilst you exercise.

# Keep hydrated: drink lots of water before (and after) your work-out! When muscles contract, they emit heat and lose water. They need to be rehydrated. Ditto for our skin, if we don't want it to dry out. So keep your water bottle to hand during and after your work-out, so that your body stays well-hydrated.

After your work-out

# Stretch: A good stretch lowers body temperature, cools a flushed face and prevents stiffness. As your heart rate calms, so will your skin!

# Pamper your flushed face: sweating causes water-loss, so treat yourself to a soothing mask designed to calm and deeply moisturise your skin.
Opt for sensitive skin products, packed with ultra-soothing ingredients. Products that contain thermal water, zinc or liquorice extracts work a treat on red skin.
Alternatively, you can reduce flushing by misting your face with rose or green tea water or apply some aloe vera gel for its refreshing, calming, anti-inflammatory action.

# Chill out: cold lowers skin temperature, so place a cool, wet flannel on your face for a few minutes to de-flush your complexion. If you can bear the freeze, wrap some ice cubes in a towel and press it on your neck - replace ice cubes with a bottle of ice-cold water if needs be. It'll cool the blood that reaches your face and stop flushing in it tracks!

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