Hydrogen water for your skin: meet the newest antioxidant craze

Why hydrogen water is better for skin

Anyone recall who first came up with the theory that necking eight litres of water a day would give us all radiant complexions? No, us neither, but it's advice most of us strive to follow.


However, while drinking water is a great way to hydrate the body and flush out toxins, dermatologists are more recently reporting that skin is the last organ to receive water so in truth, we’ll just spend a lot more time in the loo.

Now, eating your water is the expert-approved approach and foods such as watermelon, spinach and peppers provide the best amounts of hydration to skin. But what if you could make the water that you do drink much more beneficial to your skin? Say hello to the new antioxidant waters.

They're new to us in the UK, but our Asian beauty counterparts have been in on the aqua action for decades. Antioxidant waters are just typical water that has had some tweaking of mineral content. UK water is renowned for containing more heavy metal than an Iron Maiden gig and let’s face it, you’d want anything from the Thames to be filtered a hundred times over.


Antioxidant waters fall into two categories. First off, alkaline water involves using a nifty bit of kit called an ionizer which, for those of us who were children of the 80s, will make you nostalgic for your long-lost soda stream (remember getting "busy with the fizzy"?). Far more technically advanced, ionizers pump standard tap water with calcium and magnesium, turning them into alkaline water, which has been proved to have substantial anti-inflammatory benefits to the lungs, liver, pancreas and kidneys.


The second variety is hydrogen water, whereby hydrogen gas is injected into water for glowing skin and an all-round energy boost.

Initial studies of the benefits of hydrogen water for skin have shown an increase in cellular renewal, a slowing of ageing signs like wrinkles, and increased damage recovery. Any beauty babe worth her serum knows that antioxidants are the secret to protecting and repairing skin and keeping it youthful, so why wouldn’t we want them stowed in our Bobble bottles too?

Post Pilates, pre-Park Run, nestled in your workout bag along with your homemade protein balls – antioxidant waters are a super-simple way to get added nutrients and minerals into your skin, pronto. So get ready to drink in the biggest skincare trend of 2017 and look all the better for it.