Editorial of the month

Editor in chief, health, lifestyle and beauty at Marie Claire
Ariane Dolet


Beauty norms are changing. For the face and for the body. The culture that idealised thinness is evolving to value other, perhaps rounder, body shapes. Now, we talk about beautiful shapes, about well-being, about a healthy glow. We keep an eye on the quality of our food rather than the quantity. We gently keep our bodies healthy. We are replacing sets of vigorous sit-ups with slow, controlled pilates exercises. Group exercise is no longer about competition, but cooperation. It all comes back to the idea of health, energy, dynamism, freedom and wellness. We get up off the sofa to feel well physically and mentally, rather than to burn calories. We want to live better and for longer. We feel and see our bodies differently: like an ally, a friend. We no longer fight to sculpt and redesign ourselves. A new positive view of the body is here. #bodypositive has become a success the world over on Instagram as a statement that we love our bodies as they are, with their curves, proportions and idiosyncrasies. The trend is to "be yourself", but body positive does not mean letting yourself go. Quite the opposite, actually: firming creams, gentle scrubs and luxurious nourishing milks are all there to assist you in your wellness or detox routine. Cosmetic products help you to look after your body. And, of course, to be yourself.