Mallow: The New Wonder Ingredient For Sensitive Skin

Mallow: the newest skincare ingredient to calm sensitive skin

Marshmallow root is having a serious skincare moment right now, thanks to protective qualities that make it ideal for sensitive skin.


Our inner five-year-olds are doing cartwheels right now because if eating marshmallows helps your skin, then count us firmly in. Memories of Brownie camp, hot chocolates around the campfire and gooey, marshmallow sticks come to mind. However, although vaguely related (mallow root powder is the foundation of marshmallows), mallow is an ancient herb and one not nearly as appetising as a bag of Flumps.

The Roots Of The Matter

The leaves and flowers of the mallow plant possess skin-soothing benefits but it’s underground, deep in the roots, that the most potent skin boosting properties lie. Marshmallow root is rich in mucilage, a sticky solution containing both polysaccharides and flavonoids, compounds that actively contribute to skin’s hydration and protection levels. This makes mallow world class at both healing and hydrating.

Feeling The Sting

It’s these protective qualities that make marshmallow root ideal for sensitive skin types. Months of layering up rich creams to protect skin from the elements, only to switch to exfoliating and buffing skincare for glowing summer skin, can leave sensitive skin feeling red and raw. More restorative than a weekend at Soho Farmhouse, mallow adds some much-needed balance to skin, taking down redness and inflammation as well as adding a comforting element to your new summer skincare regime.

The Softer Side of Skincare

But why is mallow having a serious skincare moment right now? Well, because the current trend in no-frills, performance-driven products demands that skincare formulations get more hi-tech and increasingly potent. As the percentages of active ingredients are driven up, there’s also an increasing need for soothing skincare ingredients to counteract the inevitable inflammation from these new turbo-charged creations.

The recent influx of powerful anti-ageing retinols and skin brightening AHA exfoliating acids hitting the beauty aisles often require an additional ingredient in the mix to make them more compatible with skin and that’s where marshmallow root lends itself beautifully. More comforting than a strong cup of tea and better at diffusing heated situations than Jeremy Kyle, mallow is the peacekeeper of the skincare world.

From softening hand creams for a fiver to budget-blowing anti-ageing serums, mallow is gaining popularity in all types of high-performance skincare products, so keep an eye out and the braver you get with your skincare, the more you’ll spy it in your Inky lists.