Protect your sensitive skin from the sun

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Protect sensitive skin from the sun

Summer's well underway... Al fresco lunches, pub gardens, days lazing on a beach. Which is great, unless you have sensitive skin.


Sensitive skin and the sun, a match not made in heaven

It's hard to avoid the sun during summer. And for sensitive skin, that holiday feeling can quickly turn sour. So if you're very fair skinned, forewarned is forearmed! If you have porcelain or fair skin, blond or red hair then lazing on a beach is a big no-no. Red, itchy, uncomfortable, stretched skin: sensitive skin quickly flares up when exposed to the sun and matters can only get worse.

Protect your sensitive skin from the sun

First and foremost, don't even think of staying out in the sun between midday and 4pm. And if you do want to venture outdoors, cover up! Sarongs, sleeves, long skirts, a hat... Or why not up your style with a pretty parasol? To keep your skin protected at all times (not just when sunbathing) apply a Factor 50 or 50+ sunscreen that's designed for sensitive skin. There are heaps of textures to choose from: milks, oils, mists, gels...

After sun care

Sensitive skin needs all the help it can get after a day in the sun. Throw in dehydrating wind, sea water or chlorine and your UV-baked skin will quickly become irritated and even more sensitive - hence the unbearably tight, burning sensation. It needs instant cooling, soothing care. So invest in an after sun care, rather than just a body moisturiser. After sun care contains active ingredients designed not only to hydrate skin, but also to instantly refresh and soothe the epidermis. Opt for a hypoallergenic formula, as it will help skin cells to regenerate and restore your skin's protective barrier.

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