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A closer look at new lines of treatments and the textures available. With active ingredients becoming more refined and effective, let Beautiful Skin guide you through the world of cosmetic formulations and explain how cosmetic treatments work. Learn about the benefits and properties of serums, fillers, gels, face oils... Inspiring promises matched by a proven track record. Where pleasure and comfort are paramount!

Active skin care ingredients

Gold in cosmetics for a flawless complexion
Gold! Add a bit of bling to your beauty routine with gold in cosmetics.
Gold has more than jewellery up its sleeve! This yellow metal is also found as an active skincare ingredient - a precious element in our quest for a flawless complexion.
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Mallow: the newest skincare ingredient to calm sensitive skin
Mallow: The New Wonder Ingredient For Sensitive Skin
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Marshmallow root is having a serious skincare moment right now, thanks to protective qualities that make it ideal for sensitive skin.
Benefits of antioxidant blueberries for skin
The power of beauty-boosting blueberries
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Blueberries are a 'superfruit', touted for their medicinal properties since the Middle Ages. Today, the benefits of these small blue berries continue to take the skincare world by storm.
The benefits of charcoal for skin
So you thought charcoal was just for BBQ's?
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Charcoal does more than burn our bangers... It's also a detoxifying ingredient par excellence. Face masks, micellar water, soap... A purifying superhero, it's present in loads of skincare treatments and we're loving every last crumb!
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Best treatments and textures

Carrot oil for skin: achieve gorgeous, bronzed skin
Carrot oil for a healthy, bronzed glow
Packed with beta-carotene and vitamins, carrot oil is an undeniable beauty-booster. It's also a proven multi-tasker thanks to its protective, hydrating and wrinkle-zapping properties.
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Face peels: 5 questions about cosmetic peeling
5 commonly-asked questions about face peels
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Face peels are designed to speed up cell renewal in the epidermis. Here are 5 commonly-asked questions about this popular facial treatment.
Plant oils for skin: which is best?
Which plant oil's best for my skin?
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Soft, cleansing and nourishing oils are the darlings of the skincare world - all we need to do is choose the right one for our skin!
Different textures to moisturise your skin
The wonderful world of moisturisers
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Spring has sprung and we now re-jigging our beauty routines. Top of the list? Choosing from types of moisturisers! Here's a closer look at the latest generation of skin-pampering lotions and potions.
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The science of skin care

What is a hypoallergenic cream?
'Hypoallergenic', a magic word for sensitive skin
Facial skin is much thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the body. And if we're allergy-prone things can get tough. So, thank heaven's for hypoallergenic products! Here's why...
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Get perfect skin with probiotics
Probiotics for skin - welcome to the world of friendly bacteria!
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We're used to hearing about probiotics in our food. But what about the relationship between probiotics and our skin? Here's the lowdown...
Global anti aging explained
What is global anti aging?
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We take a look at the specificities of global anti aging skin care, often confused with its sister, anti wrinkle care, and how important it is at all ages. Here's why.
A closer look at anti ageing microdermabrasion techniques
The ins and outs of microdermabrasion
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Noticed age spots, scars, dull skin and open pores? Here's a closer look at microdermabrasion, an exfoliating, blemish-busting technique.
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