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A closer look at skin problems that effect different parts of the body: the eyes, forehead wrinkles, cheeks, neck, legs... Here's a rundown on the biology of skin, both zone by zone, as well as by age group. There's a huge difference between the skin of a 25 and 45 year-old, meaning its needs vary. We need to use the most efficient treatments and age-defying beauty regimes on all parts of the body!

My skin by zone

Lip masks, the latest beauty trend
Perfect your pout with a lip mask!
Lips are often overlooked... And seeing as their skin is so thin, they really deserve some extra-loving care. We've invested in face, hand and foot masks - now its time to pamper to our pouts!
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5 minutes to tone up your arms
Fight the flab with these easy arm-toning exercises!
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Sleeveless dresses, T-shirts, skimpy tops. It's mucho scorchio and our arms are out on show. So here are some simple arm-toning exercises to sculpt them to perfection. And banish bat wings for good!
How to get a gorgeous toned back
How to get a caressable, smooth back
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So, your front looks great. But what about your back? Is it ready for low cut dresses and skimpy tops? Here are our tips for getting it silky-soft and summer-ready.
Eyebrow tips to look younger
Get perfect eyebrows and knock years off your face!
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The key to seductive, youthful Bambi eyes? Perfectly plucked brows! Here's how to knock years off your face. Just read on...
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My skin by age

Fighting face aging: keep your skin safe in the sun
Our anti aging tips to enjoy the sun without paying the price
As our skin's needs change radically between 20 and 50, here are our little anti aging tips – according to your age – to adopt to defend against face aging this summer.
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Beauty routine: springtime anti ageing treatments
Age spots, wrinkles, dry skin? Follow our SS17 anti ageing tips!
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The mercury's rising, the sun's out and summertime smog's settling in. Time to revamp our beauty routines. Here are our anti ageing tips for a long-lasting, summery glow.
Skin density vs skin firmness - what's the difference?
Dense vs firm skin - what exactly is the difference?
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When we talk about signs of ageing, wrinkles, age spots and saggy cheeks spring to mind. Passing years, however, also affect firmness and density, but what exactly does this mean and how do they differ?
40 years old - how to get rid of wrinkles
You've hit the Big 40 - time to deal with unwelcome wrinkles
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By the time we reach 40 our expression lines are in full view and our wrinkles are deepening. So here are our tips for smoothing them into oblivion!
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My skin problems

Protect sensitive skin from the sun
Protect your sensitive skin from the sun
Summer's well underway... Al fresco lunches, pub gardens, days lazing on a beach. Which is great, unless you have sensitive skin.
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Fair skin: how to protect your skin from the sun
Fair skin and sunshine: 5 common complaints
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All skin needs protecting from the sun, but not all skin needs the same level of care. And if you've got fair skin, the pitfalls are far and wide!
How to take care of sensitive skin
Sensitive skin: our soothing tips
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Tight, stingy, itchy, blotchy skin? Look no further - welcome to sensitive skin! Dry skin, mature skin, oily skin... Sooner or later we all have a sensitive skin moment.
10 beauty essentials
Showers and sensitive skin: a dangerous liaison...
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There's nothing better than a lazy shower or soak in a tub. Unless you suffer the torture that is fragile, sensitive skin. So, here are our tips for turning pain into pleasure!
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