Skincare for oily skin: banish shine for good!

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Skincare for oily skin

Hands up who wants a fresh, dewy complexion! And hands up if you're stuck with an oily shine... Fret not, here are our tips for getting a dawn 'til dusk matt complexion.


Morning anti-shine routine

# Cleansing: We can't repeat ourselves enough... Cleansing is THE flawless skin golden rule. Use a light cleanser in the morning, such as a mousse or gel that won't stimulate sebaceous glands responsible for oily skin. And finish off with a spritz of thermal or floral water to leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.

# Moisturising: even oily skin needs its dose! Apply a moisturiser suited to your skin's needs: go for products that contain purifying, mattifying and sebum-regulating active ingredients. Invest in light, easily-absorbed textures that'll hydrate your skin without pumping it full of lipids.

# Make up: for a long-lasting matt complexion, apply a mineral-based foundation designed for oily skin - it'll let your skin breathe. And use a loose, non-comedogenic powder to fix your foundation. Don't apply too much, or you'll suffocate your skin!

Daytime anti-shine routine

# Mattifying wipes: thanks to their absorbing agents, these wipes are great for mopping up sebum throughout the day. Lightly tap them on to any shiny zones to remove excess oil, whilst keeping your make up in tact.

# Mattifying powder: once you've finished with your wipe, apply a transparent loose or compact mattifying powder to your T-zone. It'll help fix your make up and keep the shine at bay.

Evening anti-shine routine

# Cleansing: an evening cleanse is essential if you want to remove sebum and grime that could suffocate your skin, leading to blocked pores, blackheads and blemishes. Use a light make up remover (such as micellar water) followed by a cleanser designed for oily skin. Follow with a toner to further purify your skin and remove any traces of make up and limestone (from tap water).

# Scrub: treat your skin to a weekly scrub to unclog pores and remove skin-dulling dead cells. Gently massage it on using small, circular movements, paying particular attention to your T-zone.

# Purifying face mask: follow your scrub with a purifying green clay mask that'll deeply cleanse your skin and balance out any surface sebum.

# Moisturising: don't forget to finish your evening routine with a moisturiser. Go for a slightly richer texture, packed with balancing active ingredients designed to nourish (rather than clog) your skin whilst you sleep.

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