The dos and don'ts of moisturizing during summer

How to keep skin hydrated during summer

As the mercury rises, so does our shine factor. But despite the glare, we still need to apply moisturizer and there are plenty of light, fresh options to choose from - creams, serums, lotions, mists...


Moisturize rather than feed

Some of us ditch our day cream during summer. BIG mistake! Winter, summer, rain or shine, our skin still needs its daily dose of hydration. It can keep hydrated by drawing water from our blood stream, but that's rarely enough. Summer skin needs hydrating compounds that will keep it fresh and pump its tissue with enough water to last the day. Heat makes skin sweat and secrete sebum. We may not want to nourish our skin, but we should still quench its thirst!

Choose the right formula

Skincare labs have mastered feather-light textures. It began with Asian products, designed for women who live in shine-provoking, hot, humid climates. The result is super-light, hydrating products such as cosmetic water. Cosmetic waters (or liquid care) contain absorbing, mattifying compounds that don't overload our skin. They literally mop up excess sebum. And, thankfully for us, they've hit European shelves! 

Layer your mosturisers  

Cosmetic water can be directly applied to skin. They're a cinch to use - just apply it after your morning cleanse. It may be new to us, but Asian women use it to instantly combat any dryness caused by cleansing or washing. It also preps skin, so that it can soak up the goodness in other treatments we apply. If need's be, you can then apply a serum that will hydrate your skin and pump it full of skin-friendly active ingredients. Serum or not, follow your cleanse with a light day cream, the idea being to gorge it with water rather than suffocating nourishing ingredients.

Hydrate without leaving your skin parched

Hydrating mineral water mists leave skin feeling fresh, but there's still an art. Mist your face, but mop up any excess water with a tissue. Don't leave your face to air dry - an osmotic reaction will just further dehydrate your skin.

Protect your skin whilst you moisturize.  

If you use a sunscreen, go for one that contains moisturizing agents. Or apply moisturizer shortly before your sunscreen. Ditto for your body. Apply moisturizer morning, noon and night We sweat buckets during summer, so apply a light moisturizer during the day to combat any water-loss.