Whizz up some delicious, tan-boosting smoothies!

Sun-kissed skin: tan faster with smoothies

Smoothies are a tasty way to pump our bodies full of vitamins. What you may not know is that by blending certain ingredients, you can boost melanin production to tan faster!


Carrot, tomato and strawberry smoothie

Carrots are powerful tan-boosters. Their high beta-carotene content helps our skin to get a gorgeous bronzed glow. Add carotenoid-rich tomatoes and vitamin C-packed strawberries for a smoothie that'll protect your skin from harmful UV rays, whilst working on your colour.
You'll need to mix:
- 15cl of carrot juice
- 2 very ripe tomatoes
- 250g of strawberries
- juice from ½ a lemon
- a few fresh basil leaves

Peach, apricot, orange and almond milk smoothie

Complexion-boosting peaches and apricots are bursting with beta-carotene, which helps our bodies to produce vitamin A. This vitamin boosts melanin production so we tan faster. As for almond milk, it's vitamin E content helps protect our skin from damage caused by UV rays.
You'll need to mix:
- 1 peach
- 2 apricots
- 1 orange
- 200ml of almond milk  

Guava, banana and blackcurrant smoothie

Want a quick tan without resorting to sunbeds? Then whizz up a guava and blackcurrant smoothie. Their carotenoids protect our skin by combating free radicals.
You'll need to mix:
- 35cl of fresh guava juice
- 1 very ripe banana
- 50g of blackcurrants (fresh or frozen)

Rocket and cucumber smoothie

Some green veg can help us to tan - rocket, courgettes, cress and lettuce are all worthy contenders. Cucumbers contain lots of water, meaning they hydrate our skin after a day in the sun.
You'll need to mix:
- 125g of rocket
- 1 large cucumber
- 10 fresh mint leaves
- fresh lemon juice

Olive oil and melon smoothie

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, a turbo-charged antioxidant that protects our skin. It helps our skin fend off UV rays, prevents it from drying out and deals with free radicals responsible for premature skin ageing. Result: A healthy, glowing tan!
You'll need to mix:
- 4 teaspoons of olive oil
- 2 very ripe melons
- 1 handful of fresh basil leaves
- a few ice cubes

Don't forget that whilst these foods help us tan faster, they should never replace a sunscreen! So slather on your SPF and make sure you re-apply it every couple of hours.